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How to start a Day Care Business: Tutorial 1

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DCT1/1: Why be an Entrepreneur?(Preview)

Length: 30 minutesComplexity: Easy

But surely why be an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurship is a way of life.   Being entrepreneurial means being able to identify, start, and maintain a viable and profitable business, particularly a small growth-oriented enterprise.  People spend most of their lives working for someone else.   Some people eventually rise to positions of wealth and power, while the rest [...]

DCT1/3: Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made.

Some people think that entrepreneurs are born entrepreneurial. Others think that certain ethnic groups are more entrepreneurial than others. There are others who, even when a business opportunity is knocking at their doors, keep asking themselves - should I go for it? Can I make it? So, can YOU make it? Of course, YOUR readiness [...]

DCT1/4: Are you an Entrepreneur? (Assessment)

Length: 60 minutesComplexity: Standard

SO, ARE YOU AN ENTREPRENEUR? Try the following self-assessment tests. In self assessment 1 you focus on your personal feelings about being an entrepreneur.  Self assessment 2 will help you assess your entrepreneurial potential.  To benefit well you must be honest with yourself in answering the questions and/or discussing the issues raised with a friend [...]